saturday 10.7.2010 - wednesday 14.7.2010

Saturday night 10 .7.2010 was filled with beautiful music performed by Momus, we all enjoyed that!

people infront of the Fridericianum
Momus, concert
performance in front of the Fridericianum

On sunday 11.7.2010 a Panini-Bilder-Tauschbörse (a football player card exchange) took place in the Fridericianum, many people arrived. In the afternoon Jan Theiler carried on with his Open Opera workshop.
Open Opera workshop with Jan Theiler

On tuesday 13.7. 2010 Petr Motycka presented his lecture on "United Brands for World Peace"

Petr Motycka and his lecture

Wednesday 14.7.2010 was the grand Finissage with Kassel´s got Talent, a supercasting show moderated with Jan Theiler alias Pastor Leumund & Mark Divo, an event that brought us many interesting performances from people of all ages.

Mark Divo & Pastor Leumund
The great Opera conducted by Pastor Leumund
Holahoop show by Milena
Our youngest performer, Lumi
The fast moving performance by "boys on bike"...
Young girl telling jokes
The opera singer and her pianist